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Further Training

Every year several students audition for places at full-time dance colleges including the Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet School, Central School of Ballet and London Studio Centre.  The School has an extremely high success rate in finding places for those who wish to continue their study in a concentrated form with a view to a professional career in dance or dance-related subjects.  Harlow Ballet School is accepted as a "feeder" school by many of the major vocational dance schools and, again, a number of dancers obtained places every year to start their training at professional schools.  We wish them every success and expect them to followed each year by more Harlow Ballet School students.  The Harlow Ballet School encourages promising students to take part in Associate Classes at professional schools and currently has students attending Associate Classes at the Royal Ballet School.

Former pupils of the Harlow Ballet School are currently dancing with English National Ballet, Scottish Dance Theatre, and The Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, among other companies, while others have gone on to careers in Musical Stage Dance or as commercial dancers on TV and on cruise ships. 

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