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Ballet Classes by Age

Pre-Ballet (Tuesday & Wednesday 4:15pm)

Ballet for 4-6 year olds, some 3 year olds may take part.

​​Beginners' Ballet (Monday 4:15pm & Thursday 4:30pm)
Ballet for absolute beginners, from 6 years old.​

​​​​​Junior Ballet (Friday 4:30pm)
​Ballet for younger dancers with some experience.​

​Mixed Ability Ballet (Tuesday & Wednesday 5:30pm)

Ballet for dancers of all ages with some experience.  

These classes may include pointe work and pre-pointe work.


Pointe Work Class (Saturday 12:00 noon)

A Class for those already on pointe and those preparing to go on pointe

​​​General Ballet​ (Saturday 10:45am)
Ballet for Senior dancers and Adults with some experience  

Senior/Adults' Ballet​ (Thursday 6:00pm)
Ballet for experienced dancers of all ages:  Includes pointe work.


Other Classes
Adults' Ballet (Tuesday 6:30pm)

Ballet based exercise for adults.

Ballet Repertoire (Wednesday 6.30pm)

​A chance to learn solos from the classical repertoire. 

Includes pointe work.
Boys' and mens' dance class (Saturday 9:15am)

A general basic class for men and boys who wish to dance. 

Double-Work (Monday 5.30pm)

A basic introduction to working with a parttner

Melody Bear (Tuesday 10.45am, Wednesday 2.00pm)​

Special classes for very young dancers, helping them to explore the way their bodies move.

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