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​Terms and conditions for pupils of the school


     The Harlow Ballet School has very few rules as such. However, we do have some minimal terms

and conditions for pupils of all ages, as follows.


Most pupils, or their parents,will be asked to sign up to these at the time of joining the school.

However, the parents of any child who has attended beyond the initial period of four weeks

will be deemed to have agreed to these three T&Cs:


1. After an initial trial period of four weeks, classes must be paid for each month by bank transfer, although missed classes may be made up by attending a class of a similar standard on another day.


2.  After this initial period, a month’s notice of termination or payment in lieu must be given,

such notice also to apply to any reduction in the number of classes attended each week.


3.  For Health and Safety reasons, pupils must not not walk through any of the public areas of

The Playhouse at any time without appropriate outdoor clothes over their ballet kit.


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